Vileda Professional Product catalogue 2020

Welcome inside the Vileda Professional product catalogue! This is where you will find the products and solutions that satisfy your professional needs for cost-efficient, high-performance cleaning. But leading products are only part of the Vileda Professional offer. Work with us, and we will also support you with intelligent, value-adding services that will sharpen your competitive edge. “Listen and learn” is a mantra to us We are the partner that listen more than we talk. We are the company that is constantly launching innovative and high-per- formance cleaning solutions for your professional business. So you can make sure that office workers feel comfortable, hospital patients get well, hotel guests enjoy their rooms and pharmaceuticals are produced without contamination. Be sure we are the experts in cleaning Since 1948 we have provided the cleaning industry all over the world with innovative and high-performance cleaning solutions that make a real difference. We bring down bacteria levels and infection rates. We help to keep premises looking clean and attractive. We provide ergo- nomical tools that keep the cleaning staff healthy and personnel costs at bay. All of this leads to a lower total cost-in-use. Always change a winning concept Every year we invest heavily in developing concepts and solutions that will strengthen your business position in the cleaning industry. Behind our products are all the advantages that make working with us a profitable choice for your business – research and de- velopment, materials selection and production methods, testing, testing and more testing. Be sure we are constantly developing and changing our winning concepts, to become even better in developing the best solution for your particular needs. Let’s do business The best credibility we get from success stories from our satisfied customers. When listening to our customers, these are some of the learnings: Top contamination control Excellent bacteria pick-up, without need for chemicals Lower infection rate in hospitals Lower staff absentee rate Lower personnel costs Lower total cleaning costs Explore the extensive product catalogue – and visit – and we will be more than happy to do business with you. Welcome inside! High-performance cleaning. Low total costs.  Isn’t that what you are looking for?